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ValueMags helps magazine publishing companies.

In other words they are a marketing agency for magazines helping them build and execute platforms for the ultimate goal to increase sales and generate good working relationships with partners. Since ValueMags was founded in 1999, they have seen a lot of changes in their industry. The game-changers are the emergence of technology and the Internet. The companies who have adapted to these changes, especially early on are the ones who performed better than their competitors.

With the ubiquity of the Internet, marketers are seeing the importance of having a voice online. This can be done with different strategies; search, affiliate, blogging and content, social media and adwords. There are agencies and individuals who specialize in each category. When taking on one of these projects on your own, it is advised to learn about it as much as possible before posting something. See what your competition is doing, read blogs and listen to podcasts on the subject.

When it comes to social media, some people are calling them a trend but it is important to look at it as a tool that will last and the power they have. The best way to get value for your marketing bucks is through the use of social media marketing. In the early to mid 2000’s, social media was more for interacting with friends and family and less to do with businesses advertising on these sites. It has evolved dramatically since then because businesses are diverting more of their marketing dollars towards social media instead of traditional media.

ValueMags, being involved in the magazine industry, have seen the impact social media can have on companies. When you post interested and relevant content, people want to engage with it and share it with their network. With more than 90% of millennials using social media everyday, they will continue to grow up using it as well as the generations that follow. So if you think social is important today, imagine how important it will be tomorrow. One out of three millennials say they prefer communicating with brands through social media.

With the new features Facebook and other sites are introducing, they are easing the methods businesses can communicate with customers. Video marketing has become a very popular way to reach and get engagement. When Facebook introduced it’s live video feature, companies noticed that people spend 300% more time watching it live when it is not. 

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